7 Habits of Highly Effective Teams

It seems that everyone is “going agile” these days – and for good reason. The shorter release cycles, greater flexibility, and tighter alignment with customer needs typically associated with Agile teams are all powerful motivators But “going agile” doesn’t happen overnight. A true “Agile transformation” requires broad technical, organizational, and process changes which affect how the team operates at its very core.

How can agile transformations occur when people hold on to their old ways of thinking? Our thinking is greatly affected by our own paradigms. A paradigm is the way in which we “see” the world — not in terms of sight, but in perceiving, understanding and interpreting. Another word for a paradigm is a model or map. If we try to use our “Waterfall” map to manage projects in an Agile way, at best we end up with “Water-Scrum-fall” and more likely your teams will be “Agile in name only”. Things may improve somewhat, but it is unlikely that the agile adoption will stick, or justify the costs of the needed organizational change.

Agile teams become highly effective when individuals can make a paradigm shift and adopt a new mental map based upon the agile values and principles. Until the paradigm shift occurs, “trying harder”, having a “better attitude”, “going faster” will simply result in going the “wrong way” faster, perhaps with a happier outlook, at least for a little while.

Join this webinar to learn the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Agile Teams” and learn how to put the new ways of thinking and habits into practice to realize the full potential of agility and achieve breakthrough results — employing just enough rules to support autonomy while avoiding chaos.
Key take-aways from this session include:
· Understand the power and importance of making a paradigm shift and the role of habits
· Discover a new way of thinking based upon Covey’s principles and IBM Agile best practices
· Learn how to accelerate your adoption of agile by learning the 7 habits of highly effective agile teams


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